2nd Nike Hercules Missile Battalion
52nd Air Defense Artillery

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Nuclear Birds in the Everglades: The History of the 2nd Nike Hercules Missile Battalion,
52nd Air Defense Artillery (1959-1983)

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Nuclear Birds in the Everglades provides a concise narrative and photographic history of the 2nd/52nd from 1959 through 1983. 

  • Chapter One: The Cold War sets the stage by providing an abridged history of the Cold War, and the events related to Russia and Cuba that led to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  • Chapter Two: The Cuban Missile Crisis explains the events and decisions in Cuba and Russia by individuals that would become a potential international existential crisis.

  • Chapter Three: America Responds reveals the behind the scenes of a young president who listens to his closest advisers but ultimately decides on the correct action.

  • Chapter Four: Homestead-Miami Air Defense explains how the men of the Nike Hercules and HAWK missile battalions deploy to South Florida to establish an air defense network to defend against Russian bombers with nuclear armor located in Cuba.

  • Chapter Five: The 2nd Missile Battalion explains the history of the 2nd Missile Battalion of the 52nd ADA Regiment 1959-1983.

  • Chapter Six: The Batteries of the 2nd/52nd  is a battery-by-battery unit histories, both factual and anecdotal.

  • Chapter Seven: Nike Missiles and Missile Site explains the facilities an equipment on a Nike Hercules missile site. A bonus is the actual firing sequence has been provided.







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